Lora Jones is an artist, qualified florist, passionate gardener and unabashed flower fanatic from the beautiful North Wales borders, UK. Lora initially had the idea of starting her business after working with Decorative Art and Contemporary Design at Sotheby’s, London; rediscovering a plaster-casting technique she’d first encountered at school - this now forms the basis of her Poured Plaster Tiles. A little jaded after living and working in London for 12 years, she felt the need to reconnect with one of her first loves, growing flowers and crafting floral-inspired pieces, and moved out of London in late 2016.

Lora now lives with her husband at Llanerch Farm, an 18th century farmhouse nestled high above the beautiful Dee Valley, where she is currently busy expanding a cut flower garden and establishing a wildlife haven on her 16 acre slice of the North Welsh borders.


We are a floral arts studio specialising in wedding flower preservation, based in beautiful North Wales, UK. We transform wedding flowers into lasting, one-off pieces of art; working closely with our lovely customers to create truly bespoke items. We always feel genuinely honoured to be entrusted with a client’s wedding flowers – our aim being to turn them into gorgeous, unfussy pieces that can be treasured forever, or given as keepsakes to loved ones.

We also sell a unique selection of exquisite papergoods, gifts and artwork; handmade by Lora using our own pressed flowers; as well as a specially-curated collection vintage items such as pressed flower jewellery and flower vases. We put the same care into making and curating these pieces as we do crafting our hand-cast wedding tiles and jewellery.

We’re inspired by all of our most favourite things; from old master paintings to antique love letters, and are obsessives of flora in all its forms.

As well as selling an array of floral goodies, we also run workshops and parties across the UK. 


We painstakingly hand-craft every one of our preserved wedding flower pieces in our workshop in North Wales, UK. Our poured plaster tiles are created using specially-selected local clays and professional-grade plaster, entirely by hand. Our crushed petal jewellery is made using top quality polymer clays and gold or silver plated chains. Our unique curated collection of antique and vintage items are lovingly sourced from across the UK. Every pressed flower we use in our pieces (apart from our preserved wedding flower pieces) is grown here in North Wales at Llanerch Farm.


We’re acutely environmentally-aware and do everything we can to try and limit our impact on this beautiful planet. We only use water-based materials, sourced and disposed of responsibly, as well as recycled paper and cardstock, and tools and equipment built to last. We also love to source salvaged and vintage materials. In addition, we ensure that as much of our packaging as possible is bio-degradable and meticulously plan our courier pick-ups and deliveries to reduce their carbon footprint.