Hello. I'm Lora - a writer inspired by dark, wild and historic subjects, currently working on my debut novel. 

I began my career in the TV industry in London, after studying English Literature at Durham University, reading scripts for ITV's drama department under Andy Harries (The Crown, The Royle Family) and writing factual programme content and comedy material for the BBC, Channel 4 and others.

Five years ago I moved out of London, relocating two hundred miles north to an 18th century farmhouse 1000ft above sea level overlooking the ancient Dee Valley; a place steeped in myth and legend dating back millennia. It is here that I began writing more creatively in earnest, and sharing my weird and wonderful stories online with a growing audience.​


Outside of writing, my main passion is the natural world, and I am just beginning the process of rewilding the land around my farmhouse. I also love painting, upcycling furniture, and attempting to play anything by Satie on the piano.




You can get in touch with me using the contact form below.


My literary is Ariella Feiner at United Agents.

Find me on Instagram @loraelizjones.


On the eve of battle, a man prepares to attend a feast, thinking back over his life and becoming increasingly preoccupied by guilt. Decades earlier, a woodsman and his wife move into a cottage in a forest, but their happiness does not last long. Could it be that the two are somehow connected?

Glorious Summer is a short story set during the Wars of the Roses, loosely inspired by The Black Lady of Bradley Woods, a folkloric tale from Lincolnshire, England.

Coming soon...